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Our service and info page will help you discover more about our online-shop and our store in Ingolstadt. Simply click on any of the following options to learn more:

By all means feel free to give us a quick call if you would like to speak to us personally regarding our services or simply drop us a line per e-mail.


Our customers

Taking time for you

Since 1998 our motto has been: "traditional values in a modern world" and at the British Shop in Ingolstadt we have made every effort to recreate that "Corner Shop" feeling of bygone Britain for you. Due to this we have attempted to make your online shopping experience as user-friendly and transparent as possible.

Although we have many thousands of online-customers, we do not use customers numbers – all our customers are addressed by name and it is only your order that receives a number. The personal touch is at the top of our list: if we need to contact you regarding an order, we'll give you a quick call – we'll only send you an email if we can't reach you on the phone. 

Without our customers there would be no British Shop, they are of course the most important element in our company. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and look forward to meeting you again soon.

 James D. Beckett


Your order

We'll keep you informed

What happens with your order behind the scenes at As soon as you submit your order, you will automatically receive an email, in which your complete order will be shown together with our bank details. Simultaneously, your online shopping basket will be automatically emptied and the ordered products subtracted from our stock levels.

Your order then receives the status "New" and will be taken from our stock room shelves and packed. 

Customers preferring to pay through their bank then receive the status "Open". Following payment we change this status to "Processing" and then "Sent". We then send you a short email informing you that your order has left our shop. 

Customers who prefer to pay with PayPal or credit card, skip the "Open" and "Processing" status. Your order will be packaged and sent as soon as we receive it.



Looking after the environment

When packaging your order we pay close attention to the environmentally friendly use of materials. 98% of your packaging is made up biologically degradable materials from our recyclable corrugated paper to our BioFlo flakes that easily dissolve in water. Only the printed packaging tape is made of man-made materials.



Throughout Europe for you

Over the years we've used a number of postal companies to offer you the best possible service when delivering your order. Our main partner at the moment is DPD and our experience with them is that they are usually able to deliver your order in Germany within 24 hours of it leaving our shop.

We are constantly optimising our postal costs, regardless of size and weight and even deliver post free if your order exceeds a value of 50 Euros.

Postal costs:

  within Germany, 4.95 €
  Austria/Benelux/Denmark, 9.95 €
Please enquire regarding delivery to other further countries.


Please note that our postal partner DPD do not deliver to Pack Stations. In the case of your delivery address being given as a pack station, we will contact you for an alternative address. 

If you have a special request regarding the delivery of your order, please feel free to give us a ring on or drop us a line per e-mail.


Telephone orders

You can of course order per telephone if desired. With telephone orders we offer you the payment method of "bank transfer".

Please understand that when paying per bank transfer, we can only send your order after establishing that payment to our account has been successful.


Sell-by dates

Definitely not cricket:

Nobody's happy on receiving goods to then discover that the favourite biscuits or chocolate bar only has a shelf life of a few days. 

Even worse when you've paid the full price for them! 

As it is legally allowed to sell products even after their sell-by date has passed, the customer often doesn't have much choice in the matter.

We're of a different opinion!

At we DO NOT sell any products that have reached or passed their sell-by date. 

In accordance with our service guidelines, we see it as our obligation to always provide you with the highest degree of quality and service. Because of this, all products at that are about to reach their sell-by date, are taken out of our online shop and sold at up to 50% of their normal price in our shop in Ingolstadt.

Is it possible to order more than is in stock?

In case you order more articles than are actually available in our stock, we will, as you wish, either attribute the difference to your next order or transfer the difference back to your account.

What exactly does "Best Before" mean?

According to the law, food manufactures are obliged to publish a "best before" date on all of their products. The term "best before” means, that the manufacture guarantees that the respective product maintains it's full quality and taste until the date printed. Products are generally still perfectly ok long after their "best before" date has been passed.

What about crisps?

Our popular "Walkers Crisps" are made using healthy sunflower oil and have a relative short shelf life, even directly after manufacture. In light of this, we ask you to bear in mind if you would like to order a large quantity of crisps, that they have a best before date of only a few weeks.


Stock levels

Normally all products that you can order online are in stock at our shop. This gives us a high degree of flexibility, allowing us to pack and send your order very quickly. Nevertheless, it does sometimes happen that small differences occur in stock levels between our online amounts and the amounts in our shop in Ingolstadt.

To avoid such differences our stock levels are checked daily and if necessary corrected. 

If however the situation does occur that an ordered article is not available in our stock, you can of course decide, if you would like a replacement item, if you would like to wait for a new stock delivery or if you would like your money for the missing article refunded.


Unsere Angebote

You'll find us right in the middle of Bavaria – ideally situated between Nuremberg and Munich on the A9 motorway.

Simply leave the motorway south of Ingolstadt at the exit "Manching”.

Please click here for a detailed description. of how to find us.


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